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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Com (Region 1) - Ghost In The Shell 6: Stand Alone C
Releasedatum: 17 mei 2005
Togusa's in the hospital after being shot, but he's desperate to impart what he's learned to the rest of the group. Other have become aware of Section 9's investigations and decide to move against them. After a battle with the government's latest prototype weapon, the Armed Suit, Major Kusanagi's prosthetic body is badly damaged. However, when she goes to get it repaired she finds that someone is out to get her. Armaki learns that this conspiracy goes deeper than even he expected. And once again, the Laughing Man has appeared. And just like he did six years earlier, he abducts the president of Serano Genomics. Is history about to repeat itself?

DVD Extra's:
Special edition Ghost in the Shell T-Shirt. Special edition Ghost in the Shell ID-Card.

€ 53.99

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