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Marley, Bob - Rebel Music (The Bob Marley Story)
Releasedatum: 30 juli 2001
‘Rebel Music’ is a new documentary on the life and works of the greatest of them all. Although there were already two documentaries on Bob Marley’s life available (‘Caribbean Nights’ and ‘Time Will tell’), this one adds more than enough to justify its release. You’ll see for instance pictures of the Skatalites on a parade, The Wailers rehearsing in black and white, interviews with his baby mothers like Rita and Cindy, the full story on the South African censorship Bob’s records were submitted to, etc. The beautiful picture quality is matched by the wicked sound. And then there is the soundtrack. Off course all the hits are there, but al lot of songs are done in a different style. Whether it will be outtakes, rehearsals or unfamiliar live arrangements, these songs need to be put out properly. So instead of re-releasing yet another greatest hits album, Island should be putting the soundtrack of this DVD on the market, then we all be happy little troopers.

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