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Undead R2 (Uk Import) - Spierig, Michael
Releasedatum: 5 juli 2010
A remarkable debut feature written, produced and directed by twin brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, Undead is a sometimes hilarious, often terrifying and consistently and insanely inventive zombie flick that quite literally pumps new blood into the genre. When the farm she grew up on is taken over by the bank, small-town beauty René (Felicity Mason) decides to leave behind the quiet fishing community of Berkeley for a new life in the city. But before she can make her move, her once peaceful and tranquil hometown is bombarded by a freak storm of meteorites carrying a strange, otherworldly virus. The infection causes the dead to rise and soon René finds herself trapped in a town overrun by a plague of ravenous zombies with a taste for human meat...

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary by Michael and Peter Spierig, cinematographer Andrew Strahorn and special make-up effects artist Steven Boyle. Additional audio commentary by cast members Mungo McKay, Dirk Hunter and Emma Randall. 'The Making of Undead' featurette. Exclusive footage from the Toronto Film Festival screening. Deleted and extend scenes. Camera and make-up tests. Homemade dolly construction video. 'The Zombies' – internet featurette. Theatrical trailer. Internet teaser trailer. Animatic to film comparisons. Production notes and stills gallery. Artwork and design sketches. Cast and crew biographies.

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