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Jess Franco Collection (Region 1) - Jess Franco Collection
Releasedatum: 12 april 2005
Cult horror legend Jess Franco unleashes four visions of blood-curdling, erotically-charged horror in this special box set! First, Countess Irina (Lina Romay) is the world's most seductive and deadly Female Vampire, luring men and women to an exquisite death. Then a young girl visiting her family home is trapped in a twilight world of dark rituals and undead beings, including her own dead father, in the nightmarish and hauntingly poetic A Virgin Among the Living Dead. More gothic mayhem ensues when The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus embarks on a spree of murder and torture, filling a castle's walls with the sounds of agonized souls. Finally, a remote desert getaway becomes the stomping grounds for the freshly risen dead who turn the sunny sands into an Oasis of the Zombies. Wild, unrestrained, shocking and utterly unforgettable, this grisly quartet offers European horror at its finest!

DVD Extra's:
Theatrical trailers. Alternate and bonus footage.

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