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Cherry Harry Raquel/Common Law R2 (Uk Import) - Meyer, Russ
Releasedatum: 25 april 2005
This dvd features two films by legendary cult director Russ Meyer: 'Cherry, Harry & Raquel' and 'Common Law Cabin'. About 'Cherry, Harry & Raquel': CHERRY, HARRY, & RAQUEL... menage a trois...loosely translated by Russ Meyer...ďa trio is not necessarily a crowd. CHERRY, HARRY, & incisive probe into the very soul of those people that both profit and lose as a result of the heinous narcotics racket. A dusty Arizona border town and vast expanses of baked desert provide the magnificent scenic backdrop for fast cars, blazing guns, and super-ample women...each and all hot! The billowy registered nurse CHERRY...of exotic muscle-relaxing procedures... HARRY... erotic love ruttings on the hot desert sands... CHERRY... unfettered, pointedly endowed, and over-sexed, and featuring the super abundant USCHI DIGARD...the bosom vast, as Astrid "SOUL" Lillimor! About: 'Common Law Cabin': COMMON-LAW CABIN... a busted-out tourist trap under Arizona's hot desert sun... a way out, raunchy dude ranch...far enough up river from town to escape the prying-eyed, suspicious curiosity of the law. COMMON-LAW CABIN... a slow, simmering look at three fast-boiling women at the mercy of themselves... their twisted morals...their insatiable appetites... Alaina Capri (42-24-36) as the melon-breasted SHEILA...a roman candle too hot to handle...going through men like a box of matches!... Babette Bardot (42-24-36) vast of uncommon common-law wife. Adele Rein (42-24-36) as innocent girl...lost in the fullblown body of a woman...coveted by three her father!

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