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Casshern R2 (Uk Import) - Kiriya, Kazuaki
Releasedatum: 25 april 2005
A visually stunning science-fiction epic based on the anime series from 1973, Casshan: Robot Hunter. In an alternative, retro-futuristic world, polluted and ravaged by years of chemical, biological and nuclear war, the human race is facing extinction. Geneticist Dr. Azuma has begun experiments into regenerative "neo-cell" technology, using the body parts of those killed during the ongoing conflicts. If successful, Azuma's work could end the suffering of the ailing populace and help rejuvenate humankind. His motives, however, are more personal – he is obsessed with developing a cure for his wife, Midori, whose blindness and gradual deterioration in health are a direct result of the environmental decay. Meanwhile, Azuma and Midori's son, Tetsuya, has enlisted to fight in the ongoing war, much against the wishes of his family and his beautiful fiancée, Luna.

DVD Extra's:
Deleted scenes and extra footage with subtitled director's commentary. Cast and crew interviews. Trailers.

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