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William Burroughs - Cut-Up Films (Italian Import) - Burroughs, William
Releasedatum: 1 april 2005
This dvd contains the films William S. Burroughs made with director Anthony Balch. Includes: 'The Cut-Ups' (1966, Great Britain, 18 minutes 45 secs’, black and white), 'William Buys A Parrot' (1963, USA, 1 minute 25 secs’, color), 'Bill and Tony' (1972, Great Britain, 5 minutes 11 secs’, color), 'Towers Open Fire' (1963, Great Britain, 9 minutes 29 secs’, black and white) and 'Ghost At n°9 (Paris)' (1963-1972, UK, 45 minutes 7 secs’, color and black and white).

DVD Extra's:
'Commissioner of Sewers' - A video portrait of William S. Burroughs by Klaus Maeck. Thot-Fal'N (1978) - a short film by Stan Brakhage.

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