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My Architect R2 (Uk Import) - Kahn, Nathaniel
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
Louis Kahn was a visionary architect, who died alone and penniless. His life, however, was full of secrets: a married man who also had two affairs. The son, Nathaniel from one of the affairs, decides he wants to learn about the life and work of the father he never knew. This fascinating and touching film documents this personal journey and reveals the extraordinary legacy of a complex, misunderstood man. Nathaniel Kahnís compelling Oscar-nominated documentary is both a tribute to a visionary and a personal journey to discover the "architect" of his own life, his father. Through interviews with his fatherís colleagues, architects, and his own mother, Nathaniel also visits his lasting memory: the buildings themselves. These include Yale Art Gallery, the Kimbell Art Museum and the awesome pinnacle of his career, the National Capital of Bagladesh. My Architect is a moving but exhilarating film which will rebuild your faith in life-enhancing cinema.

DVD Extra's:
Director Q&A. Interview with Nathaniel Kahn. Gallery with commentary. Deleted scenes with commentary by director. Film notes.

€ 16.99

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