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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Vol. 9: Ev (Region 1) - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 9: Evolutio
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2005
The Archangel and the Kusanagi have escaped Orb and are now in space. Athrun makes a return visit home to the PLANTs to confront his father, who enraged at his failure, arrests him. Lacus, meanwhile, steals a new ZAFT warship and helps rescue Athrun, along with the help of someone from Kira's past. The Eternal joins the Kusanagi and the Archangel. But Rau Le Creuset is ordered to pursue the Eternal, and the Federation's new ship, the Dominion, is ordered to capture the Freedom and Justice Gundams. The Dominion attacks the Archangel, and Murrue is shocked to learn who its captain is. Mu senses Rau's presence and goes after him. When his Strike Gundam is damaged, Kira shows up and destroys Rau's mobile suit. Kira and Mu then pursue him into the Mendel colony. Rau proceeds to relate a story that involves himself, Kira, and Mu. Meanwhile, the Dominion attacks the Archangel again with Kira and Mu still gone.

DVD Extra's:
Gundam Encyclopedia. Music Video. Textless Opening.

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