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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Vol. 8: Et (Region 1) - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 8: Eternal
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2005
After Operation Spit Break, the PLANTs are in turmoil. Patrick Zala, the new leader, orders the arrest of Lacus Clyne and her father, branding them traitors. He gives Athrun a new mission - to track dwon the stolen Freedom Gundam - and a new weapon to do it. But before he goes, he tracks down Lacus, who makes him question his beliefs. The Archangel has returned to Orb, and learns that Orb is being pressured to join the Federation. And when ZAFT attacks Panama, the pressure increases and the Federation delivers an ultimatum. When the Federation attacks, the Archangel fights to defend Orb. But they face three powerful new Gundamswith unusually skilled pilots. Athrun arrives, with conflictingfeelings. But the battle cannot wait, and he must decide quickly what he will do. The Federation launches a final attack on Orb, and Uzumi puts his ultimate plan into action. It will be a day of great sadness, and great revelation.

DVD Extra's:
Gundam Encyclopedia. Music Video.

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