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Warlords Of Atlantis R2 (Uk Import) - Connor, Kevin
Releasedatum: 21 maart 2005
Doug McClure and Cyd Charisse star in this classic slice of Seventies adventure, a rip-roaring escapade of aquatic mayhem and extraterrestrial intrigue. A maritime expedition of eminent Victorian scientists uncover an ancient artefact of unknown origin only to meet disaster at the tentacles of a rampaging giant octopus. The survivors awaken to discover they are now the captives of the legendary Warlords of Atlantis, masters of an incredible and dangerous undersea kingdom. Only by altering the destiny of Earth can the Altanteans escape to their true home: Mars! Beset on all sides by enemies, the Victorians must battle legions of gill-men, the hideous Zaargs and Mogdaans and the Altanteans themselves until they can reach civilisation again.

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