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Berlin Super 80 (Underground Berlin 1978-'84) - Various Artists
Releasedatum: 7 maart 2005
A DVD-flashback of early 80s Berlin subculture featuring output by virtuosos of the city’s underground movie scene who rediscovered Super 8 as an adequate outlet for their creative endeavours. Accompanied by a compilation of music, covering a huge range of styles and currents - from punk to ingenious dilettantes, this lavish package recalls the walled in city’s unique feel and lifestyle. By no means a nostalgic review of times long gone, but rather an appraisal (with no claim to completeness) of a creative Berlin which to this day exerts its influence on German pop culture and beyond. Featuring “Die tödliche Doris”, “Einstürzende Neubauten”, “Malaria” and many others of the scene’s protagonists. Besides the DVD featuring elaborately restored Super 8 films (running time: approx. 120 minutes, NTSC and PAL edition), the luxurious package (special digipak in a slipcase) also contains a CD compilation of Berlin bands from the period of ’79-’84 as well as a 100 page booklet with lyrics, essays, background information and photographs by Peter Gruchot. In addition, the DVD itself features extensive bonus material: discographies and photo series (more than 250 photos!) plus interview with Wolfgang Müller (of Die Tödliche Doris).

DVD Extra's:
This limited edition dvd features a slideshow with 300 photos, recordcovers, posters, flyers, etc. Plus bonus movies, a dvd ROM and a 100 page book.

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