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Platinum Blonde R2 (Uk Import- Dutch Subtitles) - Capra, Frank
Releasedatum: 7 maart 2005
In the newsroom, Gallagher may seem like “just one of the boys”, but when she trades in her press pass for romantic license, she's 100% Loretta Young sizzle – and ready to take on Platinum Blonde. Jean Harlow shines as socialite, Ann Schuyler, a junior leaguing heiress willing to go head-to-head with Gallagher to win the attentions of tabloid hound "Stew" Smith (Robert Williams). Schuyler schemes to lure the frustrated playwright into marriage, then transform him from a ruffian newsman into a convincing gentleman. Harlow and Young join Robert Williams in this bathtub gin romantic comedy directed by the one and only Frank Capra. Prohibition was never more fun!

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