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Manson Family R2 (Uk Import) - Bebber, Jim Van
Releasedatum: 21 februari 2005
August 9th 1969. In the quiet, secluded canyons above Beverly Hills, the silence of a summer's night is shattered by the terrified screams of a woman begging for mercy. Within 48 hours, Charles Manson and his so-called "family" have butchered seven innocent people in a killing spree that shook the world. In a movie as controversial as it is relentlessly shocking, the story of the most infamous cult of all time unfolds; the story of one man's twisted vision of an Armageddon and how it turned the hippy dream into a nightmare. Take a glimpse inside the killers' minds and discover that the grisly truth is even more chilling than the myth ...

DVD Extra's:
'The VanBebber Family' 74 min documentary featuring interviews with cast and crew. 'In The Belly Of The Beast' documentary from the Fant-Asia Festival in Montreal featuring Jim VanBebber and other independent filmmakers. Interview with Charles Manson. Stills galleries. Theatrical trailers.

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