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Angel On The Right R2 (Uk Import) - Usmonov, Djamshed
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
Angel On The Right is based around an old Islamic legend that recounts that everyone has two invisible angels, one on each shoulder that records the good and bad deeds and thoughts committed during your life, the angel on the left counting the bad whilst the angel on the right looks after the good. After a decade in Moscow's jails hardman Hamro returns to his tiny home town in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan to tend to his ailing mother. Whilst his mother faces her own mortality he aims to sell her house to alleviate his long-standing debt problems and allow him some form of acceptance back into the community. However, with the local mafia on his back an increasingly desperate Hamro realises that his mothers love is all he can rely upon. Reminiscent of films such as Pixote, Kolya and Central Station, Angel On The Right is a gritty, no-nonsense drama, boasting genuine humanity and dark humour from a region of the world all too rarely seen on the screen. Tajik dialogue.

DVD Extra's:
Original theatrical trailer. Extensive film notes.

€ 9.99

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