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One Step Beyond - 2 Dvd's
Releasedatum: 17 februari 2005
This fascinating anthology series, dealing with supernatural subject matter, debuted on the ABC network, January 20, 1959, and ran for a total of 96 half-hour episodes. John Newland directs and hosts each week's drama dealing with ghosts, precognition, mental telepathy and other spooky supernatural occurrences -- all supposedly based on actual events! Originally sponsored by Alcoa, the series was also titled "Alcoa Presents". This special collection contains 12 complete episodes from season #2: Delusion (9/15/1959), Ordeal on Locust Street (9/22/1959), Brainwave (10/6/1959), Doomsday (10/13/1959), The Inheritance (10/27/1959), The Explorer (3/15/1960), The Clown (3/22/1960), Delia (5/3/1960), House of the Dead (6/7/1960), Tidal Wave (8/30/1960), Anniversary of A Murder (9/27/1960), To Know the End (11/1/1960).

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