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Shura No Toki: Age Of Chaos, Vol. 2 (Region 1) - Shura No Toki 2: Age Of Chaos
Releasedatum: 22 februari 2005
Yakumo Matsu and Musashi Miyamoto meet face-to-face amidst the political machinations of imperial Japan. It's only a matter of time before these two icons of the martial arts meet in a spectacular brawl! Fast forward to the next generation of the Mutsu family. The Shogun is in power and the Yagyu family are the ones that teach the Shogun how to fight. Jubei Yagyu, the youngest son of the family is destined to meet Takato Mutsu, and just what will this great swordsmen think of the Mutsu Enmei Style?

DVD Extra's:
Textless closing. Art gallery. Outtakes. Trailers.

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