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Golden Temple Amazons (Region 1) - Jesus Francoalso Available In Box S
Releasedatum: 25 januari 2005
A tribe of Amazons is zealously guarding a mysterious fortress built on top of a gold mine. Uruck and his cruel, sadistic mistress Rena rule the tribe. Some 15 years ago an explorer discovered their golden temple, and the Amazons who were intent on protecting their secret slaughtered both him and his wife. However, their daughter, Liana, was spared and grew up in the jungle, raised by tribesmen. Now a beautiful girl, Liana (roaming the jungle half-naked) finds out the fate of her parents and sets out to avenge them. An entertaining film containing large amounts of nudity and sadism.

DVD Extra's:
Alternate Scenes. Interview with Eurocine's Daniel Lasoeur. Promo Trailer. Shriek Show Trailers.

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