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Peacemaker, Vol. 3: Gunning For Tro (Region 1) - Peacemaker 3: Gunning For Trouble
Releasedatum: 1 februari 2005
Strange winds are blowing through Kyoto. A boisterous man sporting a gun, a cowboy hat, and a mouth filled with foreign phrases breezes into town. And though the mysterious gunslinger somehow reminds Tetsu of his father, it might be a memory better left untouched. Meanwhile, furtive whispers whistle throughout the countryside. A fallen lord and his powerful mystic continue to play a cryptic, chaotic game that could threaten the old capital. But trouble also comes in other guises. Seeing Tetsu sinking into depression, Yamanami and Heisuke take it upon themselves to give the boy a vacation -and an education- that he won't forget! As it all unfolds, will Tatsu be able to keep up with his impressionable younger brother? One thing's for sure- you dont't want to be left behind! Don't miss a minute of the riveting action, hair-raising intrigue, and riotous laughter in this third rousing volume of Peacemaker!

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