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Notorious R2 (Uk Import) - Hitchcock, Alfred
Releasedatum: 7 februari 2005
Regarded as one of Hitchcock's best thrillers, this classic is also memorable for the teaming of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, one of Hollywood's all-time great love matches. A Nazi agent is convicted of treason following the Second World War. American Intellecence agents realise that his innocent daughter would be ideal in helping to trap another Nazi mastermind now in Brazil. In Rio she cultivates the friendship of an old aquaintance of her father and marries him to help the U.S. government with thier task. However, she soon finds herself falling in love with her contact... to almost disastrous results.

DVD Extra's:
Cast Biographies. Quotes and Triva. Photo Gallery. Film Triva, Awards and Taglines. A Conversation with Hitchcock. An interview with Kim Newman. Hitchcock Bio, Quotes and Triva.

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