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Devil Hunter Yohko: The Complete Co (Region 1) - Devil Hunter Yohko: Complete Collec
Releasedatum: 8 februari 2005
Poor Yohko Mano. Not only has she just turned sixteen and the boy she's crazy for doesn't even know she exists, but now her crazy grandmother has just dropped a new bombshell. It seems that Yohko's the 108th generation of a family of professional devil hunters, and she's stuck with the job whether she likes it or not! And, to make matters worse, all of Japan's devils and other blood-sucking creatures of the night have decided that the best time to take out Miss Mano is before she's had a chance to learn how to use her new powers! It's going to be a very un-sweet sixteen as Yohko's birthday turns into a demonic bloodbath and a grueling trial by hellfire!

DVD Extra's:
ADV historical commentary. Retrospective of Yohko artwork. Devil Hunter Yohko music video. Devil Hunter Yohko trailers. Clean closing animations.

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