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Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin) R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Van, Marina De
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
After suffering deep gashes to her leg from an accidental fall, a young research analyst, Esther, becomes obsessed with her body and skin. At first merely caressing her arms, pinching her excess skin, and tracing the outlines of the fresh scar tissue on her legs. It isn't long, however, before Esther begins carving new and increasingly brutal wounds into her body. Despite her boyfriend's anger and concern, Esther continues her intimate and bloody quest until her new found sense of self drives her to increased isolation. Directed by and starring Marina de Van (collaborator and star of a number of Francois Ozon titles such as Sitcom and 8 Women), Dans Ma Peau is a brilliant, daring and uncompromising fim that deserves its place in cinema history alongside the corporeal classics of George Franju, David Cronenberg and Roman Polanski.

DVD Extra's:
Directors commentary. Original theatrical trailer. 4 page booklet with film notes.

€ 27.99

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