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Killer Must Kill Again, The (Mondo Macabro) - Cozzi, Luigi
Releasedatum: 25 januari 2005
Director Luigi Cozzi (Starcash) made his debut with this dark and disturbing thriller, very much in the mold of his mentor Dario Argento. Although regarded as a classic by fans of Italian horror, the film has been almost impossible to see for many years. This DVD debut is its first official US video release. A rich womanizer (George Hilton) plans to murder his wife. He blackmails a man into doing the evil dead for him. The car with the murdered woman's corpse is stolen by a pair of joyriders. The vicious killer sets off in persuit - with more than just murder on his mind this time.

DVD Extra's:
Exclusive interview with film's director. Audio commentary. Featurette on Italian shock thrillers.

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