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That Little Monster (Region 1) - Bunnell, Paul
Releasedatum: 30 juli 2002
Like the unforgettable horror films of the past, 'That Little Monster' draws you into its world from frame one. In a dead-on recreation of Edward Van Sloan's prologue to the 1931 'Frankenstein', sci-fi professor emiritus Forrest J Ackerman steps before a curtain to forewarn us that the movie is not for the faint of heart. The screen blazes white and slowly refigures into two feminine hands in tight close-up which pull away to reveal the face of a quite pretty young girl. Her name is Jamie (Melissa Baum). She's a foreign student, awaiting an interview with the parents of an infant boy she hopes to baby-sit. Everyday situation, to be sure. Ah, but nothing is ordinary here! At once, the house and its bizarre appointments begin to close in on Jamie, unsettling her and creepily unnerving us. The photography pays homage to the great horror films of the 1930's. A devilish, strange, disquieting little chiller that will cap your evening with some most delicious shudders. Some of its images may stay in your mind to become part of your film vocabulary.

DVD Extra's:
  • Audio commentary by writher/director Paul Bunnell and editor/producer Carl Mastromarino.
  • Includes the 19-minute short film 'The Visitant' (1981).
  • Interview footage featuring writer/director Paul Bunnell.

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