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Ragazzi Del Massacro/Naked Violence (Italian Import - English Subtitles) - Leo, Fernando Di
Releasedatum: 15 november 2004
For Naked Violence, directed by Fernando di Leo in 1969, credit must be given to him for having started off his great season of noir films. This film also sees the beginning of what the director described as a "communion of souls" with the writer Giorgio Scerbanenco, whose literary work, with the thriller-detective theme, provided di Leo's cinema with numerous references and suggestions. Naked Violence comes after the novel of the same name by the Italio-Russian writer, but genetic relationship between the book and the film in the end, is minimal: di Leo is more interested in shedding light on a hidden reality of society than in detection and the plot. The drug problem and underage criminals were at that time ignored by the press. The narrative style is rough, essential, elegantly crude (the first sequence has gone down in history, where the teacher of evening courses is tortured by her students, drenched with latent violence, never displayed yet all the more intense and unbearable, to such a point that some viewers felt ill in the theatre), with expressionistic cuts which speak of an incredibly talented director, as well as an author with very definite ideas. The film brings to light a talented actor, Pier Paolo Capponi, in the role of superintendent Duca Lamberti. Many of the young misfits Lamberti questions about the murder of their teacher, were youngsters who had real troubles with the law (and they remember real searches and arrests by the police which took place on the set).

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