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Threepenny Opera R2 (Uk Import) - Pabst, G.w.
Releasedatum: 6 december 2004
In the early years of the sound era, film producers ofrten made films in different language versions, using the same sets but different casts for each version. The practice died out in the mid-1930s, but the few films which survive in both versions offer fascinating material for comparison. G W Pabst's twin versions of The Threepenny Opera shot in German and French are included on this double disc release - Die Dreigroschenoper (105 mins) and L'Opera De Quat'Sous (98 mins) - and make for absorbing viewing. Set in a shadowy, stylised and dreamlike London, the story of Mackie "The Knife" Messer and Polly Peachum is timeless, and the combination of Bertolt Brecht's biting social satire and Kurt Weill's compelling music is as fresh as ever.

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