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Cool And The Crazy R2 (Uk Import) - Witney, William
Releasedatum: 29 november 2004
A cult 1950s B-movie of a rebellious youth, fresh from reform school, who hooks up with the bad-influence pusher who got him put away to form a local marijunana ring. They deal the demon weed to the local small-town high school kids in the hope of getting them hooked. Before long these youngsters are hopelessly addicted rampaging through the town, with crime, insanity and death the inevitable results. Directed by William Witney (The Lone Ranger, The Bonnie Parker Story) The Cool and the Crazy stars teen-pic icon Dick Bakalyan and was filmed on location in Kansas City and shows the 1950s view of the evils of drugs.

DVD Extra's:
50 minute audio interview with Samuel Z Arkoff. 9 original theatrical trailers.

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