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Tempo Di Viaggio (Full Frame) (Region 1) - Guerra, Tonino
Releasedatum: 23 november 2004
In 1982, celebrated Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (Solaris, The Sacrifice, and Stalker) was at a crossroads in his life. Unable to work in his homeland because of censorship, and separated from his family, he came to Italy. Voyage In Time captures Tarkovsky at his most vulnerable, trapped between two worlds, facing an uncertain future. This intimate film chronicles Tarkovsky as he searches locations and explores the idea for his next feature film. Accompanied by famed Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra, Tarkovsky probes the countryside and medieval villages of Italy in search of internal landscape as much as a literal one. Along the way, Tarkovsky and Guerra argue over locals, talk about influences and inspiration, and reflect on the nature of art and film. Well known but almost never seen, Voyage in Time is at once a diary and a documentary, a travelogue and an art film, an inspiration and a revelation.

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