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Please Twins!, Vol. 1: Three's Comp (Region 1) - Please Twins 1: Three's Company
Releasedatum: 23 november 2004
Maiku Kamishiro grew up in an orphanage with no history of his family or of his past. Left with only a childhood picture of himself and another person in front of a house, he believes that the other person in the picture is his long lost twin sister. Upon discovering his old home, two young girls show up on his doorstep one day both claiming to be his long lost sister. Maiku's life is about to be turned upside down and with two pretty girls living under the same roof as him. How will Maiku be able to keep his mind on school and work while trying to figure out which one of these girls is his sister and which one is the love of his life?

DVD Extra's:
This Limited Edition Box includes: Volume 1/Episodes 1-4. Please Twins Photo Album. 3 Exclusive Post Cards. Original CD Soundtrack.

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