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Dangerous Seductress (Region 1) - Miller, John
Releasedatum: 15 november 2004
Escaping from a violent relationship, sexy Suzy (Tonya Offer) flies from LA to south east Asia to stay with her sister, Linda, who works there as a photo-model. While Linda is in Bali, Suzy inadvertently raises the spirit of a thousand year old witch using an ancient book of spells. The witch (Bikini beach-babe Amy Weber) wants blood. And she forces Suzy to get it for her. Dressed to the nines, with her massive breasts to the fore, Suzy stalks the nightclubs of downtown Jakarta looking for male victims to satiate the bloodlust of her satanic mistress. An amazing combination of bloodsucking, black magic and killer babes, this is a real midnight movie classic. Wild and wicked, as only Asian movies can be.

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