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Best Of Tromadance Film Festival, V (Region 1) - Best Of Tromadance Film Fetival 3
Releasedatum: 31 augustus 2004
Inspired by South Park creator Trey Parker, Tromadance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to filmmakers and film fans. Unlike every other film festival, Tromadance does not charge filmmakers to submit their films, nor charges an entry fee for public screenings or has special VIP reservations or preferential treatement regarding films, panels or parties of any kind given. Tromadance features a range of films made independently, usually without big stars and big money, and far away from the Hollywood studio system. Tromadance selections have been made with passion, courage, integrity and raw talent. In this third volume of the Best of Tromadance, viewers can sample fifteen of the best films from the 2003 and 2004 Tromadance Film Festivals, over three hours of the world’s finest truly independent films. Titles include Giuseppe Andrews’ Dribble, winner of the Tromadance/Kodak Independent Soul Award, Kevin Maher’s Monkey Brains, Kng-Fu Kitties and Marijuana’s Revenge, by the filmmaking team of Philip Gunn, Daniel Guiterrez and David Valdez, plus Matt and Greg Brookens’ Skunk Ape, Jamie Greco’s PDA Massacre and others. All profits from the sales of all Best of Tromadance DVDs will help fund future Tromadance Film Festivals. Please help us keep this invaluable resource alive!

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