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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Platinum 0 (Region 1) - Neon Genesis Evangelion 2: Platinum
Releasedatum: 21 september 2004
As if having to defend the Earth and mankind wasn't enough to cope with, Shinji Ikari now finds himself faced with something completely unexpected: competition. Not only is Rei's Eva back on the line, there's also a new giant robot defender that's being promoted by a group outside NERV! And to top it off, prepare to meet the third Eva pilot, the hottest ball of red-headed fury ever unleashed. And SHE's got Shinji in her cross-hairs! It's an all out battle royal with the entire planet as a war zone in the second stunning volume of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION - THE PLATINUM EDITION!

DVD Extra's:
12-page Profile Booklet. Full Length Animatics for Episode 9. Commentary with Tiffany Grant and Allison Shipp. Clean Opening and Closing Animation.

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