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Horror Of Dracula R2 (Uk Import) - Fisher, Terence
Releasedatum: 15 mei 2006
Classic Hammer horror from director Terence Fisher. Jonathan Harker arrives at Castle Dracula (Christopher Lee) with the intention of destroying Dracula. But he is outwitted and becomes a victim of the evil Count and his vampire bride. Realising he is destined to join the ranks of the undead, Harker must act while his senses are still his own. Doctor Van Helsing's (Peter Cushing) search for Harker leads him to Castle Dracula where he discovers his friend has become one of the undead. He drives a stake through Harker but finds that Dracula, has deserted his castle. At the home of the Holmwood family, Lucy Holmwood, Harker's fiancee, has been struck by a mysterious illness. Van Helsing reports to Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's brother, and tells him of Harker's fate. On learning of Lucy's illness, Van Helsing realises that she too has become a victim of Dracula who, as an act of vengeance, intends making her his vampire bride. So begins a terrifying sequence of events that culminate in a chilling climax as Van Hersing pits the age old forces of good against evil to find Dracula and end his reign of terror forever.

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