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Viral Assassins (Region 1) - Viral Assassins
Releasedatum: 27 januari 2004
The Troma Team is proud to present Robert Larkinís intense sci-fi thriller Viral Assassins. In the not so distant future, a terminal disease will make cancer look like the common cold. The governmentís solution to this epidemic is to make carrying the disease a capital crime, punishable by death through a team of highly trained assassins. This not only lowers the risk of the disease spreading but also greatly lowers health costs for the average Joe. But what happens if the government becomes infected? The only hope for a vaccine is trapped within the diseased body and mind of a government lab technician. You won't believe your eyes when you see which weapon-loving, trigger-happy assassin the government chooses to snuff her out. The results are mindbending and explosive.

€ 15.99

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