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Azumanga Daioh, Vol. 5: Seniors! (Region 1) - Azumanga Daioh 5: Seniors
Releasedatum: 12 oktober 2004
The annual class shuffle leaves a frightened Kaorin marooned in Mr. Kimura’s homeroom: hopeless, helpless, and worst of all... Sakaki-less! Back in Miss Yukari's class, a trip to Okinawa brings plenty of laughs, along with several firsts for the girls: first flight, first scuba dive, and - most importantly for Sakaki - the first chance to see iriomote cats in the wild! Then, with University exams just around the corner, Chiyo's beach house becomes a seaside study hall... just as long as Tomo and Yukari behave! And the girls' last sports fest promises to be the biggest yet - with a myriad of competitions, including a relay race that pits Yukari and Minamo in a thrilling head-to-head battle! Who will get the victory and final bragging rights? Can Sakaki meet a cat without hurting herself? Sharpen your pencils and sign up for the fifth relentlessly rowdy, laugh-out-loud volume of Azumanga Daioh!

DVD Extra's:
Production Sketches, Reversible Cover, Cloisonné Pin, 12-page Booklet.

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