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Demon Lord Dante, Vol. 2: Dante Rag (Region 1) - Demon Lord Dante 2: Dante Rages
Releasedatum: 27 juli 2004
Ryo who was transformed into Demon Lord Dante encounters a severe napalm attack by the army, but his immortal body is too strong to be defeated. Ryo is tormented with guilt of becoming a demon; the vortex of his despair and anger destroys the city. Alarmed by Dante's resurrection, Dadan, the Lord of Heavens orders the secret organization "D" to release the Four Demon Kings to destroy Dante. At the same time, Ryo's father Kosuke, who is the leader of the "D", also unleashes their hideous man-made monster, SX, to fight Dante. Many are killed in the destruction of the city as the "D" tries to destroy Dante. Even the heavens seem to turn evil as Armageddon begins. Does Ryo fight as a demon or fight against evil?

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