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Bus 174 R2 (Uk Import) - Padilha, Jose
Releasedatum: 20 september 2004
José Padilha's award winning documentary reconstructs the extraordinary story of the hijacking of Bus 174 – a story that gripped the entire nation of Brazil and one that ended in chaos and devastating tragedy. On 12th June 2000, a bus was hijacked by an armed man in a middle-class residential area Rio de Janeiro and the passengers were held hostage for four-and-a-half hours while police struggled to handle the situation. The perpetrator of the hijack was Sandro do Nascimento, a homeless drug addict and a survivor of the infamous Candelaria massacre of 1993, in which seven street kids were murdered by plainclothes police officers as they and dozens of other homeless children slept near the Candelaria Cathedral in downtown Rio.

DVD Extra's:
Making of. Interview with director José Padilha. Additional interviews with sociologist Luiz Eduardo Soares, social worker Yvonne Bezerra, Julieta do Nascimento (Sandro do Nascimento's maternal aunt) and an anonymous professional robber. Assistant director Alexandre Lima's Social Frontiers Photography Exhibition. Trailer. Previews of other Metrodome releases. Scene selection.

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