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Wing Chun R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Woo-Ping, Yuen/Yen, Donnie
Releasedatum: 20 september 2004
Wing Chun charts the extraordinary story of the eponymous heroine, the feisty Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) who, after learning some basic martial arts principles, develops her own deadly fighting techniques. With her remote village constantly plagued by the pillaging of robbers and bandits, Wing Chun finally loses her cool and decides to use her skills to fight back. Already regarded as being too masculine by the men of her village, Wing Chun's heroic actions stir up even more trouble, especially when her long lost love returns home to the village and becomes involved in a serious case of mistaken identity.

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary by Bey Logan. 'Kicking Up A Storm' interview with Donnie Yen. 'Warrior King' interview with co-star Tsui Siu-keung. Bey Logan biography. Trailer gallery. Scene selection. Previews of further Hong Kong Legends and Premier Asia releases.

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