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How To Draw A Bunny (Region 1) - How To Draw A Bunny
Releasedatum: 19 oktober 2004
How to Draw a Bunny explores the fascinating, often hilarious, and always enigmatic world of artist and underground icon Ray Johnson. A "Pop Art mystery movie", the film is framed by Johnson's mysterious suicide on Friday, January 13th, 1995, the puzzling circumstances of which left both his intimate admirers and the general public wondering if this was a final "performance". Little has been written about him, yet the man who many have dubbed "the most famous unknown artist" was considered a genius whose career spanned nearly fifty years and whose collages have been exhibited in major museums around the world.

DVD Extra's:
-A photo gallery of 76 pieces of the work of Ray Johnson. -From the Cutting Room Floor -The Ray Johnson Memorial Show -Commentary Track wtih Director John Walter and Producer/Cinematographer Andrew Moore

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