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Dames Du Bois De Boulogne, Les R2 (British Film Institute) - Bresson, Robert
Releasedatum: 28 augustus 2004
Centring around a dangerous love traingle, Robert Bresson's Les Dames de Bois de Boulogne, based on a tale by Diderot, combines the superficial glamour of Parisian high society with the seething passions and jealousies that prompt a spurned femme fatale to seek her ex-lover's humiliation. With highly literate dialogue from Jean Cocteau, the film is an intense study of erotic obsession and the redeeming power of true love. At the film's core is Maria Casare's brilliant performance as the woman who is driven to destroy the object of her most ardent desire.

DVD Extra's:
Director, writer and cast biographies. Original poster.

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