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Mutilation Man R0 - Copp, Andrew
Releasedatum: 26 augustus 2004
The Mutilation Man (Terek Pucket) wanders the wasteland of Earth, performing brutal shows of self mutilation for the adoring crowds of survivors. In a land where most fear death, he fears life... and the memory of what happened to his mother and the brutality he endured at the hands of his drunken father (Jim Van Bebber-Deadbeat at Dawn). These two acts will forever scar him deeper than any act of torture he enacts on himself. But will he ever shed enough blood to wash away the nightmares of the past?

DVD Extra's:
Director's Commentary Track/ Preview Trailers/ Music Video/ Premiere Video/ Deleted Scenes/ Kristie Bowersock Gallery/ Stills Gallery/ Bonus Experimental Short and More!

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