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Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2: Blood And Flow (Region 1) - Wolf's Rain 2: Blood & Flowers
Releasedatum: 24 augustus 2004
While still searching for paradise, the pack starts to unravel. While Kiba remains unwavering in his belief in paradise, the others are not so convinced. Meanwhile, Detective Hubb Lebowski sets out to find his ex-wife, Cher, who left him her copy of the banned "Book of the Moon". Once outside the city, the wolves find themselves in a dense forest. Above them is Darcia's airship, which is being persued by other nobles and Cher, who are searching for the Flower Maiden, Cheza. When Chaza escapes and descends to the ground, she finally meets Kiba and the other wolves. But there is no time for happy meetings, because Cheza is still being hunted!

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