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Migrating Forms (Region 1) - Fotopoulos, James
Releasedatum: 4 maart 2003
Migrating Forms is a masterful, minimalist exploration of the physical and psychic consequences of sex. Many movies-including Vanilla Sky and Last Tango In Paris-explore this subject, but few with the brilliance of Migrating Forms, the acclaimed second feature from James Fotopoulos. In an unremarkable apartment building, a man and a woman have an affair. A cyst grows on her back. She reaches out to him emotionally. But for him, their affair remains carnal. He dreams of another woman, and develops a cyst of his own. One of the most elusive yet widely acclaimed films of recent years, with this release Migrating Forms is available on video for the first time.

DVD Extra's:
Original sketches and storyboards, plus photos of the film's unique tumors and props.

€ 36.99

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