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Killer Nerd/Bride Of Killer Nerd (Region 1) - Killer Nerd & Bride Of Killer Nerd
Releasedatum: 25 mei 2004
Former MTV personality Toby Radloff charmed critics and audiences alike in the Academy Award®-nominated American Splendor, and now you can see where he got his cinematic start! Toby plays Harold Kunkle. King of the nerds. Pushed beyond his meek limits, Harold now seeks bloody retribution throughout these two hilarious and horrifying shockers. As witty as Revenge of the Nerds! As violent as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Killer Nerd has a wide appeal among fans of horror, comedy and cult cinema. And that goes double for Bride of Killer Nerd!

DVD Extra's:
• Special epic seven minute Nerd-a-rific introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, Chief Nerd of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Nerd • Exclusive interview with Oscar Nominated American Splendor star Toby Radloff on his experiences as the Killer Nerd • Feature length commentary ON BOTH FEATURES by Toby Radloff and series writer/producer/director Wayne Alan Harold • Toby and Lloyd nerding around Akron, Ohio • Photo Gallery from star Radloff’s private collection. • Exciting behind the scenes footage from the archives of the cast and crew • Music video: “Kick in the Head,” directed by Lloyd Kaufman • Tromatic trailers and other nerdy goodies!

€ 17.99

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