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Creeping Flesh R2 (Uk Import) - Francis, Freddie
Releasedatum: 16 augustus 2004
Directed by the Oscar-winning Freddie Francis, The Creeping Flesh is one of the finest Gothic horror films of he 1970s. During an expedition to New Guinea, Victorian anthropologist Emmanuel Hildern (Peter Cushing)discovers the skeleton of a creature that local legends refer to as the "Evil One". Back in England, Emmanuel is alarmed to find that the skeleton’s finger begins to grow flesh when it is splashed with water. While Emmanuel is away, his wife Marguerite (Jenny Runacre) dies in a lunatic asylum run by his embittered half-brother James (Christopher Lee). Marguerite’s death has a profound effect on Emmanuel’s daughter Penelope (Lorna Heilbron), and Emmanuel fears she is succumbing to he mania that afflicted her mother. Emmanuel creates what he believes to be an anti-evil serum from the creature’s severed finger, and injects it into his daughter with terrible consequences. Soon after, James decides to steal theskeleton for his own purposes.

DVD Extra's:
Audio commentary with Christopher Lee and film historian Marcus Hearn. Original trailer. Hammer Trailers: The Abominable Snowman, Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter, Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell, Quatermass II. Photo gallery. 24-page booklet featuring rare stills and information about the novel, the original television play and the film.

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