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Witch Hunter Robin, Vol. 6: Vengean (Region 1) - Witch Hunter Robin 6: Vengeance
Releasedatum: 10 augustus 2004
Amon and Dojima confront each other about their loyalties, and then share information. Zaizen is trying to develop a new type of Orbo that would make Hunters irrelevant. Meanwhile, Zaizen's group begin attacking members of the STNJ! Although Sakaki is saved, Karasuma has vanished. The team realizes that she must have been captured. Befor they can mount a rescue operation, however, they need to gather more information. Back at the STNJ, Father Juliano is waiting for Robin. He tells her everything he knows, and gives her the final key she needs to solve the puzzle of her identity. The members of the STNJ mount a desperate assault against the Factory to save their friend and learn the whole truth. But the cost of truth is high, and once Robin learns the truth,what will her destiny be?

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