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Zombie (Region 1) - Zombie 2
Releasedatum: 27 juli 2004
A derelict boat is found aimlessly adrift in the local waters of New YorkCity. Investigating police units are shocked beyond belief when a corpse-like stowaway attacks them and then plunges into the murky waters below, leaving the living with one big mystery on their hands - and in the hands of news reporter Peter West. Following the story to its bare bones, Peter teams up with the daughter of a scientist said to have gone missing in the Carribean some time ago. Together, the pair delve deeper into the mystery, traveling with another couple to a remote region of the Antilles Islands. There, they will hopefully find the answers they seek - but at a horrific price. Madness, pain, and fear await them in a desolate place where the dead walk once again and prey on all that still live. 25 Anniversary Special Edition contains 2 Discs and four hours of features.

DVD Extra's:
DISC ONE: Newly remastered widescreen transfer/ Audio commentary by actor Ian McCullough/ “Food for the Worms,” a 13-minute featurette interviewing opening-scene zombie Captain Haggerty/ Production stills, posters and lobby card gallery/ Outtakes/ Original ZOMBI 2 trailer, plus trailers for ZOMBIE 3, ZOMBI 4: AFTER DEATH and ZOMBI 5: KILLING BIRDS, FLESH FOR THE BEAST, FLESH EATER, EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, BURIAL GROUND and BIO-ZOMBIE/ DISC TWO: “Building a Better Zombie,” a 98-minute documentary featuring interviews with producer Fabrizio De Angelis, makeup FX creator Giannetto De Rossi, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, composer Fabio Frizzi, makeup artists Maurizio Trani and Rosario Prestopino, camera operator Franco Bruni and hairstylist Mirella DeRossi Sforza/ “Raising the Dead,” a six-minute featurette interviewing production and costume designer Walter Patriarca “An Evening With Dakar”: Actor Dakar, who plays the character of Lucas, sings!/

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