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Frontier R0 - Zellner, David
Releasedatum: 27 juli 2004
Based on the surrealist novel "Froktog" by famed author Mulnar Typsthat, FRONTIER is an epic saga set against the aftermath of the Klornsthog Revolution. Two members of the Expansionist Research Corps embark on a journey to civilize the most uncharted of territories. But the more these wartorn soldiers attempt to tame the wild landscape, the further they are driven towards the brink of madness...

DVD Extra's:
Cast and Crew Commentary/ Animated Bulbovian War Bond PSA/ Music Video by PRECARIOUS WAREHAUS DWELLARS/ Factoids regarding history and culture of Bulbovia/ FROM FROKTOG TO FRONTIER, the adaptation of the infamous novel to the big screen/ Trailers/ Deleted Scenes/ Alternate Ending/ Easter Eggz

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