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Winners & Sinners R2 Ws (Uk Import) - Hung, Sammo
Releasedatum: 2 augustus 2004
One of the best and most frenetic of all Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung action-comedy collaborations, Winners And Sinners stars Chan as a tough Hong Kong cop, CID 07, who believes no one should be above, below or even to one side of the Law. On an undercover assignment to track down a set of counterfeiting plates, he encounters Teapot (Sammo Hung), one of a wacky bunch of ex-cons. When the plates end up in the back of a cleaning van operated by Teapot and his buddies, there follows a comedy of errors that pits them against a ruthless crime boss. As the chips come down, both winners and sinners collide in a frantically paced showdown.

DVD Extra's:
'Teapot Tango' interview with Sammo Hung/'Keep It Curly' interview with co-star John Shum/Audio commentary by Bey Logan/Outtakes/

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