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State Of Mind (Region 1) - Anderson, Reginald
Releasedatum: 27 april 2004
Deep in the country side, strange events are occuring that arenít quite explainable. An explosive car accident leave a husband and wife clinging to their lives, and a mysterious hitckhiker burned to a crisp. The couple, Jack and Ruth, are fortunate enough to be found by a former nurse who is strangely intent in nurturing them back to health. But just how lucky are they? Soon, they find themslves held captive in a drug-induced State of Mind, unable to escape their prison of terrors. Police Detective Loomis has his hands full trying to make sense of a series of unexplainable incidents ranging from the perplexing escape of an insane asylum patient to a strange car accident which left one passenger dead and two others missing. Will Detective Loomis be able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle before the unthinkable happens?

DVD Extra's:
A special introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment/ Interview with State of Mind star Lisa Gaye/ Interview with State of Mind Director Reginald Adamson and Producer James Desert/ Interview with State of Mind Producer Jan Doense and Screenwriter Phil Van Tongeren/ James Desert at Cannes featurette/ Feature length commentary by Producer Jan Doense and Screenwriter Phil Van Tongeren

€ 15.99

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